Kevin Russell Photography

Black Shag Colony - split apple rock, abel tasman national park, new Zealand

Split Apple Rock is home to this large colony of Black Shags, every morning they watch the sun rise out of the east and herald in the new day with a cacophony of raucous noise. They defend their territory fiercely, taking turns to ward off other sea going birds attempting to seek refuge or to steal their eggs or young and why not when your home and view is as beautiful as theirs. 

Wheel House Panorama.jpg

The wheel house, maroochy river, sunshine coast, australia

She stands alone, braving the elements, a regal elder Statesperson who has fallen on hard times. Her paint is cracked and peeling, her exterior weather beaten, though she is not bowed. Her door remain closed, inside she keeps the secrets of a long life, better times and the sound of joyous children living life on the gently following waters of the Maroochy River system.