It is not what happens to you that defines you as a human being, it is about your response to those challenges. How you deal with the things that get thrown at you in life makes you the person you are. Sure, there are times that it seems that all that happens to you is bad and you don't feel as though you can catch a break, but remember whatever you are going through, there will always be someone worse off that you. That person would probably swap your present lot for theirs in a heartbeat. it is easy to dwell on your own problems and issues and think "why is this happening to me", but you control how you deal with this and how you respond. You can only play with the hand you are dealt, but folding each time you feel you you haven't got the cards you want means you can never win. Respond well to life's challenges, you may not always win but at least you will have taken part in the game of life.

Kevin Russell